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Petitions to the king, council, parliament etc - abbot and monks of Tewkesbury

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Ref: SC8/29/1413

Type: Document

Date: 1455

The abbot and monks of Tewkesbury ask that the revenues of the Goldcliff Priory, recently granted to them so that four monks could pray there for the souls of Henry IV, Henry V, Queen Catherine and the Earl and Countess of Warwick, might be exempted from the current act of resumption, in the form appended to the petition.
The king, on the advice of the lords spiritual and temporal, agreed to this.

Thus, it would seem that despite the grant of Goldcliff to Eton college (Westminster, 2 April 1451) the monks of Tewksbury seemingly retained the house, for the proviso in this petition is enrolled on the roll of the parliament of July 1455 (33 Henry VI). The original grant to Tewkesbury is dated at Dogmersfield, 9 December 1441(CPR 1441-6), while the CPR 1441-6 p.271 is dated Westminster, 15 March 1444; the bull it confirms is dated at Florence, 1 August 1442. [details from TNA site]

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