Monastic Wales.

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History of the Augustinian canons' priory of Llanthony Prima (co. Monmouth) and Secunda (co. Glos).

British Library

Ref: Cotton Julius D. X ff. 30v-53v

Type: Document

Date: mid-late 12thc

Includes a chapter of Gerald of Wales' Speculum Ecclesiae
Printed, in part, in Dugdale's Monasticon, 6, pt 1, pp. 128-34; translated Sir Robert Atkyns in The Ancient and Present State of Gloucester, 2 vols (1712, repr. 1974, Gloucester), 1, pp. 502-514.
G. Roberts, 'Llanthony Priory, Monmouthshire', Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1 (1846), pp. 201-245 (202-203, 228-229). The excerpt from Cotton Julius D. x is the table of contents on f. 32.

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