Monastic Wales.

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Book of Llandaff

National Library of Wales

Ref: MS 17110E

Type: Document

Date: 12th c

The 'Book of Llandaff' (Liber Landavensis) is one of Wales’s earliest ecclesiastical manuscripts. It was seemingly written 1120 x 1140, under the supervision of Urban, who was appointed bishop of Llandaff in 1107 by Henry I. It is thought that the work was written in the wake of a disagreement between Bishop Urban and the bishops of St David’s and Hereford over the boundaries of Llandaff diocese. The work was to consolidate Llandaff's rights to lands and properties in south east Wales.
he 'Book of Llandaff' contains a number of charters, lives of the three earliest bishops of the diocese. Later additions include During the 12th century and early in the 13th century the lives of Samson and Elgar and various letters.

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