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Petition by the abbot and convent of Strata Marcella to the king and council, 1333

The National Archives

Ref: SC 8/239/11937

Type: Document

Date: 1333

To avoid the interference of John de Charleton, lord of Welshpool, who claimed to have the right to create the abbots of Strata Marcella, contrary to the statutes of the Cistercian Order, Abbot Matthew of Strata Marcella maintained that he was made abbot of the house in the church of Valle Crucis, in the presence of the abbots of Clairvaux, Cymer, and Valle Crucis. John de Charleton refused to allow Abbot Matthew and the brethren of Strata Marcella to enter their abbey, and was forcibly obstructing them. Abbot Matthew requested that he and his convent might be restored to their abbey by the justice of the peace in Shropshire, John de Layburne and William Botillier, and that when this had been effected they might secure the community and prevent John de Charleton from interfering with them; they asked that if John wished to advance any claim against them, he would have a day before the king and council to do so according to the law.

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