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pre 1398: Destruction

Books, buildings and church ornaments were extensively damaged by fire.

This was said to have been caused by accident. Papal indulgence was issued to all who gave alms to help with the restoration of the house and according to the Chronicle of Usk Abbot John ap Gruffyd was responsible for restoring the house after its misfortune.

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Other events in the history of this site

1179Foundation - The house was founded 22 July 1179. [5 sources]
c.1179Holdings in E. Glamorgan - From 1179 Llantarnam had possession of Margam's former dependency of Pendar Grange, Glamorgan. From this time Llanarnam had acquired the grange of Penrhys, Glamorgan, which seemingly had a hostelry and chapel. [1 sources]
c.1273Renamed - To avoid confusion and regularize the nomenclature the Cistercian General Chapter stipulated that in official documentation the name 'Lanterna' should be used. [2 sources]
c.1291Wealth - The abbey's total net income at this time was £44 15s 0d. [3 sources]
c.1300Patronage - Hugh Dispenser the Younger, was patron. [1 sources]
1317Poverty - The abbot wrote to the king explaining that his house was impoverished as a consequence of the Welsh uprising the previous year. [3 sources]
pre 1398Destruction - Books, buildings and church ornaments were extensively damaged by fire. [3 sources]
1398Papal indulgence - Papal indulgence was granted to everyone who helped repair the monastery buildings that had been damaged by fire. [1 sources]
c.1400Glyn Dŵr rebellion - The Llantarnam community supported Owain Glyn Dŵr's rebellion. [2 sources]
1405Abbot killed - John ap Hywel, abbot of Llantarnam, was killed during an attack on Usk Castle. [2 sources]
1504Bequest - David Matthew bequeathed £10 to the community to glaze the west window of the church.  [2 sources]
1532Bequest - Morgan Jones left the community ten marks (sterling) to purchase a vestment for the Lady Chapel and £10 to help finance the construction of various arches in the church.  [2 sources]
c.1535Wealth - According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the abbey's net annual income was £71 3s 2d.  [3 sources][1 archives]
27 August 1536Dissolution - Llantarnam was closed in the first wave of suppressions. [5 sources]