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1184: Relocation

The community relocated some twenty years after it had first settled at Strata Florida.

By 1184 work had begun work on the new abbey church at a site about one and a half miles NE of the original settlement. In this year Rhys ap Gruffudd of Deheubarth issued a charter which bears witness to his generous endowment of the abbey.

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Robinson, David M., The Cistercians in Wales: Architecture and Archaeology 1130-1540, Society of Antiquaries of London, Research Committee Report (London, 2006) p. 268

Other events in the history of this site

1164Foundation - The official foundation date was given as 1 June 1164; the new house was colonised by monks from Whitland Abbey.  [2 sources]
1165Patronage - The Lord Rhys seized Cardigan and assumed patronage of the house. [2 sources]
1175Burial - Cadell ap Gruffudd, brother of the Lord Rhys, took the habit and was buried at the house. [1 sources]
c.1175Record-keeping - From the late twelfth century the monks began to keep annals and from these compiled a Latin chronicle in the thirteenth century and the house became a key custodian of Welsh culture.  [4 sources]
1179Founds daughter-house - Strata Florida founded the first of its daughter-houses at Llantarnam (later Caerleon). [2 sources]
1184Relocation - The community relocated some twenty years after it had first settled at Strata Florida. [1 sources]
1184Patronage - The Lord Rhys granted an important charter to the abbey detailing the core monastic estate. This was read out to an audience at the church of Llansanffraid. [6 sources]
1186Founds daughter-house - A second daughter-house was established; a colony of Strata Florida monks settled at Aberconwy. [3 sources]
1188Hospitality - Archbishop Baldwin and Gerald of Wales stayed overnight at the house while preaching the Crusade throughout Wales. [1 sources]
pre 1197Affiliation - Strata Florida was given oversight of the newly-founded nunnery of Llanllŷr. [2 sources]
1201Burial - Gruffydd, the Lord Rhys' son and a prince of Wales, took the habit at Strata Florida where he was buried. [1 sources]
1201Completion of new church - The new abbey church was completed [3 sources]
1202Library extended - Gerald of Wales sought to raise money for his journey to Rome by borrowing money from the monks of Strata Florida and leaving his cherished collection of books as surety. [2 sources]
1202Vision - A monk of Strata Florida had a vision of three angels in the choir of the monastery church. [2 sources]
1210Burial - Matilda de Braose, widow of the Lord Rhys' son, Gruffydd, was buried at the house. [1 sources]
1212Opposition - King John ordered the abbey's destruction as 'harbourers of our enemies' since the community supported Llywelyn ab Iorwerth. [3 sources]
1238Meeting - Llywelyn ab Iowerth (d. 1240) summoned all the princes of Wales to a great gathering at Strata Florida where they swore fealty to his son, Dafydd, and thereby secured the succession. [4 sources]
1255Purchase - The community purchased its great bell which Robinson (The Cistercians in Wales: Architecture and Archaeology) suggests hung from the crossing tower. [3 sources]
1258Dispensation - The Cistercian General Chapter responded to the abbey's plight and granted the community dispensation to withhold hospitality for three years [3 sources]
1276-1277Destruction - The abbey incurred damage during Edward I's Welsh wars. [1 sources]
1282-1283Destruction - The monastery suffered damage as a consequence of Edward I's Welsh wars. [1 sources]
1284Compensation - Edward I awarded the community £78 compensation for damage caused during the second campaign. [3 sources]
c.1284Destruction - The belfry was struck by lightning and fire devoured the entire church save for the presbytery. [2 sources]
c.1291Wealth - The Taxatio Ecclesiastica assessed the abbey's net annual income at £98 6s 9d. [4 sources]
1294-1295Destruction - The abbey was burned by royalists in a local uprising. [3 sources]
1344-47Tussle for the abbacy - Llewelyn Vaughan and Clement ap Richart were involved in a dispute over the abbacy. [1 sources]
1401-1402Royal occupation - Henry IV and his army occupied the abbey and the monks were temporarily displaced. [3 sources]
1407Occupation - During the Glyn Dŵr revolt royalist troops billeted at the house. [2 sources]
1415Occupation - 120 royalist troops were billeted at the house. [2 sources]
1428 (Lent)Internal revolt - An abbot of Strata Florida's daughter-house, Aberconwy (Maenan), sought to overturn the abbacy at the mother-house.  [4 sources]
c.1441Abbatial dispute - John ap Res, abbot of Cymmer, accused Abbot William Moris of Strata Florida before the king and forcibly seized the abbacy. [2 sources]
c.1442Devastation - By 1442 the abbey was in a state of desolation. [2 sources]
1534Malpractice - One monk was imprisoned for attempting to counterfeit coins.  [1 sources]
c.1535Wealth - According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the house had a net income of £118 7s 3d. [4 sources][1 archives]
1539Dissolution - The house was suppressed on 21 February 1539. [5 sources]