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1234: Burial

Cadwallon ap Maelgwn was buried at the abbey.

Cadwallon was a descendent of the founder.

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Other events in the history of this site

1176Foundation - The abbey was founded by Cadwallon ap Madog (d. 1179) and colonised by monks from Whitland Abbey. The house was situated on the north bank of the Clywedog brook. [5 sources]
1179Patronage - Following the death of its founder, Cadwallon, in 1179 Cwmhir was patronised by Roger Mortimer, the Marcher lord who was responsible for Cadwallon's death.  [1 sources]
1195Revolt - When the abbot of Cwmhir forbade ale to the lay-brothers they retaliated by stealing his horse. [2 sources]
1198-1199Daughter-house founded - Cwmhir sent a colony of monks to establish a new house at Cymer, NW Wales. [3 sources]
1199Charter - Roger Mortimer, lord of Maelienydd, issued a significant charter to the abbey in memory of his predecessors and in honour of those who had died in the conquest of 1195. [4 sources]
1214Royal protection - Following the death of Roger Mortimer, King John took the abbey into royal protection. [2 sources]
1228Destruction - One of Cwmhir's granges was burnt by royal troops.  [1 sources]
1231-2Royal confirmation - Henry III granted the community various privileges and issued a confirmation charter. [3 sources]
1231Allegations - Henry III attacked the house after allegations that a member of the Cwmhir community was responsible for tricking a troop of English soldiers into ambush. [2 sources]
1232Royal confirmation - Henry III reconfirmed his father's charter; this and King John's charter of protection in 1214 provide a valuable insight into the nature of the abbey's original endowment. [1 sources]
1234Burial - Cadwallon ap Maelgwn was buried at the abbey. [2 sources]
1252-4Royal support - Henry III further supported the abbey by instructing the men of Montgomeryshire not to waste or destroy the community's woods within their bailiwick. [2 sources]
1252Destruction - The abbey's woods in Ceri were damaged by the men of Montgomery. [2 sources]
1282Burial - Llywelyn ap Gruffudd was buried at the house following his death in December 1282. [2 sources]
1291Wealth - The house had an estimated income of £35 12s 0d. [4 sources]
1381Clerical poll tax - Payment required from the community: [1 sources][1 archives]
1387-9Numbers - At this time there were eight monks at Cwmhir. [1 sources]
c.1401Destruction - The abbey suffered destruction during the Owain Glyn Dŵr revolt.  [3 sources]
1524Bequest - Rhys ap Thomas, who died in 1525, left £8 to the community to buy a pair of organs for the abbey. [2 sources]
c.1532Numbers - At this time there were three monks. [1 sources]
c.1535Wealth - According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the abbey had a net income of £28 17s 4d. [3 sources][1 archives]
1537Dissolution - On 2 March 1537 the abbey was suppressed. At this time there were just three monks.  [6 sources]
c.1540Fabric removed - Five bays of the nave arcade were taken to Llanidloes parish church where they have since remained. View. [1 sources]