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c. 1535: Wealth

According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the monastery had a net income of £87 8s 6d.

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Other events in the history of this site

c.1113Foundation - St Dogmaels was founded as a priory c. 1113 when Robert fitz Martin, lord of Cemais (W. Wales), granted the ancient church of St Dogmael to the Norman abbey of Tiron, to establish a monastery for a prior and twelve monks.  [2 sources]
1118Status - Permission was granted to raise the priory to the status of an abbey. [2 sources]
1120Change in status - St Dogmaels was elevated from a priory to an abbey. [1 sources]
1138Plundered - The abbey was looted by mercenaries. [2 sources]
1150 -1157Building work - Extensive building work was undertaken. [1 sources]
1188Hospitality - Gerald of Wales and Archbishop Baldwin stayed at the abbey during their preaching tour of Wales. [1 sources]
1246Royal gift - Henry III granted the community twenty marks 'for the fabric of the church'. [1 sources]
c.1291Wealth - According to the Taxatio the abbey was valued at £58 11s 4d. [2 sources]
1296Royal petition - The abbot and convent requested permission to receive rents in Cardigan. [2 sources][1 archives]
1318Clerical taxation - The abbot and convent complained of excessive taxation. [2 sources][1 archives]
1320Royal petition - The abbot and convent requested the king to confirm to them the church of Maenclochog. [1 sources][1 archives]
c.1349Numbers - Numbers fell as a consequence of the Black Death. [1 sources]
1402Visitation - The bishop of St David's conducted a visitation of the house. [1 sources]
1504Visitation - The abbey was visited on 16 July.  [2 sources]
1534Numbers - In 1534 the community comprised an abbot (William Here) and eight monks who subscribed to the Act of Supremacy. [3 sources][1 archives]
c.1535Wealth - According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the monastery had a net income of £87 8s 6d.
 [2 sources]
1537Dissolution - The house was dissolved on 24 February 1537 under the 1536 Act of Suppression. [5 sources]