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1302: Patronage

Roger Bigod IV, earl of Norfolk (d. 1306) was a generous benefactor and granted the monks of Tintern his entire manor of Acle, Norfolk.

This lay over two hundred miles from the abbey but was a very valuable acquisition; indeed it was Tintern's most lucrative gift and in the fourteenth century amounted to a quarter of the abbey's annual income.

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Roger Bigod IV , earl of Norfolk (patron)

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Robinson, David, Tintern Abbey, Welsh Historic Monuments (4th edn; Cardiff, 2002) p. 14

Other events in the history of this site

1131Foundation -  [1 sources]
1139Founds daughter-house - Tintern founded its first daughter-house at Kingswood, Glos. [1 sources]
1169-88Dispute - Tintern was engaged in a dispute with the Cistercians of Waverley. This was under Abbot William (resigned 1188). [1 sources]
c.1188Breach of rules - The Cistercians were originally prohibited from receiving tithes yet the monks of Tintern accepted a grant of tithes from Woolaston and the chepel of Alvington, Gloucestershire. [1 sources]
1189Patronage - William Marshal became lord of Chepstow and as such took on the patronage of Tintern. [1 sources]
1200Founds daughter-house - Tintern founded a second daughter-house; this was Tintern Parva in Ireland. [4 sources][1 archives]
1220Burial - William Marshal's widow, Isabel de Clare, was buried at Tintern. [2 sources]
1223-1224Patronage - William Marshal's son, William the Younger (d. 1231), succeeded his father as patron of Tintern and was a generous benefactor.  [1 sources]
1245Burial - Walter and Anselm, the sons of William Marshal and Isabel de Clare, were buried at Tintern. [1 sources]
1245Patronage - Patronage of Tintern passed to the Bigod family. [1 sources]
c.1247Resources - Soon after this date the chapel and lands at Magor, in Monmouth, were leased to Tintern. [1 sources]
1248Burial - Matilda Marshal, William Marshal (I)'s daughter, was buried at Tintern, where her mother and two of her brothers lay. Her heart was buried at Lewes Priory. [1 sources]
1282Fine - The abbey was fined the significant sum of £112 for illicitly felling trees in 200 acres of the royal forest at Woolaston. [1 sources]
c.1291Wealth - According to the Taxatio Ecclesiastica the monastery had over 3000 acres of arable, over 3000 sheep and its possessions were estimated at c. £145. [4 sources]
1302Patronage - Roger Bigod IV, earl of Norfolk (d. 1306) was a generous benefactor and granted the monks of Tintern his entire manor of Acle, Norfolk. [1 sources]
1326Royal visitor - Edward II took refuge at the house when fleeing Roger Mortimer's army; he spent two nights at Tintern. [1 sources]
1340Debt - The monastery was in debt to the sum of £174 to the Italian merchants of Lucca. [1 sources]
1395Numbers - At this time there were fourteen monks at Tintern living with their abbot, John Wysbech. [1 sources]
1469Burial - William Herbert, Edward IV's Welsh 'master lock', was buried at Tintern. [2 sources]
1478Visit - William of Worcester, antiquary and traveller, stayed at the house from Friday 4 September until Monday 7 September.  [1 sources]
c.1535Wealth - The survey - the Valor Ecclesiasticus - estimated Tintern's annual net income to be £192. [3 sources]
1536Dissolution - Tintern was dissolved under the 1536 Act of Suppression on 3 September 1536. [3 sources][1 archives]