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1538: Dissolution

On 6th September Dr Richard Ingworth arrived at Cardiff Friary to secure its surrender.

The Warden of the friary, Thomas Gwyn, and his eight colleagues gathered in the hall and signed the surrender deed. The silver ornaments and plate were weighed and handed over to the king whilst the house and its contents were assigned to John Loveday. The hall at this time was furnished with two trestle tables and forms, three brass basins and a cupboard; pots, pans, cups, porringers and brass platters were in the kitchen and a chair, three tables and three forms in the new chamber.

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Other events in the history of this site

pre 1284Foundation - The Franciscan friary had been established in Cardiff by 1284.  [1 sources]
1318Burial - Llywelyn Bren and William Fleming were both buried in the church of the Grey Friars at Cardiff following their executions. [1 sources]
1531Bequest - Sir Matthew Cradock bequeathed twelve kine (cows) to the Franciscans of Cardiff in a codical to his will dated June 1531. However he stipulated that the friars should not sell these animals but keep them for their own use. [2 sources]
1538Dissolution - On 6th September Dr Richard Ingworth arrived at Cardiff Friary to secure its surrender.  [3 sources][1 archives]