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1285: Gift

Bishop Anian, former prior of Rhuddlan, granted the friars books.

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'Dominican bishops of St Asaph', Flintshire Historical Publications, 5 (1915) p. 32

Other events in the history of this site

c.1258Foundation - The friary was probably founded by Llywelyn ap Gruffudd in or before 1258. [2 sources]
1268Elevation of prior - Anian (Einion) of Nanneu, prior of Rhuddlan, was elevated to the See of St Asaph. He was succeeded by Kennick. [2 sources]
1281Payment - The expense roll of Rhuddlan Castle for 1281 records that a payment of 7s 8d was made to the preaching friars of Rhuddlan for their subsistentce, and 1s 1d for the brethren of the hospital of Rhuddlan. [1 sources]
1283Numbers - At this time there were twenty-three friars. [1 sources]
1284Inquisition - The prior of Rhuddlan was one of three appointed by Archbishop Pecham to a commission of inquiry to look into the rebuilding and repair of churches damaged during the Edwardian wars.  [2 sources]
1285Gift - Bishop Anian, former prior of Rhuddlan, granted the friars books. [1 sources]
c.1290Burial - William Freney, archbishop of Edessa, was buried at Rhuddlan. [2 sources]
1291Grant - Eleanor of Castile gave 100s to Rhuddlan and to each of the other four Dominican houses in Wales. [1 sources]
1370Bequest - In his will of November 1370 Bishop Gervase de Castro left sixty shillings to the friars of Rhuddlan. [1 sources]
1370Bequest - Bishop Gervase (de Castro) of Bangor left 60 shillings to the Dominicans of Rhuddlan. [1 sources]
1373Bequest - Llewelyn ap Madoc, bishop of St Asaph, bequeathed twenty shillings to the friars. [1 sources]
1538Dissolution - The friary was dissolved in 1538. [1 sources]