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Bassaleg (Priory)

also known as: Basaleg; Basselech; Basele

Order: Benedictine

Bassaleg Priory was founded as a cell of Glastonbury Abbey pre 1107 when Robert of Hay granted the ancient 'clas' church of St Basil to the English house. show details of standing remains

Dedicated to: St Basil Medieval Diocese: Llandaff
Affiliated to: Glastonbury Abbey (mother-house)
Lordship at foundation: Glamorgan
Access: No remains

Main events in the history of this site

c.1100Foundation - The foundation charter has not survived but was copied by Adam of Domerham, a monk of Glastonbury, and a thirteenth-century copy is preserved in Trinity College, Cambridge, MS R.5.33, 106v. [2 sources][1 archive]
1116Official beginnings - The first monks arrived from Glastonbury to occupy the cell. [1 source]
1146Dispute - The monks were involved in a dispute with the chaplain of St Gundleus over the boundaries of their parishes.  [1 source]
c.1175Patronage - Hywel ab Iorwerth gave the monks lands in Rumney Moor. [1 source]
1230-1240Spiritualities - Although it was against Canon Law for communities to lease out their spiritual holdings this was not uncommon.  [2 sources]
pre 1252Dissolution - Monastic life at Bassaleg had ceased by 1252. [1 source]
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People associated with this site

Hywel ab Iorwerth , lord of Caerleon (benefactor)

Priors of Bassaleg

Robert of Hay , lord of Gwynll?g (founder)

Bibliographical sources

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Archival sources

Trinity College, Cambridge, '13th century copy of the foundation charter of Bassaleg Priory', (Document),

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