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Cardigan (Priory)

also known as: Cardigan

Order: Benedictine

Cardigan was founded by Gilbert fitz Richard, earl of Clare, who granted the church of the Holy Trinity in Cardigan to the monks of St Peter's, Gloucester. Cardigan later became a dependency of Chertsey Abbey (Surrey) and finally of Bisham Priory. On the eve of the Dissolution the priory was a centre of pilgimage, famed for the Burning Taper of Our Lady. show details of standing remains

Dedicated to: Holy Trinity; Virgin Mary Medieval Diocese: St David's
Affiliated to: St Peter's, Gloucester (mother-house); Chertsey Abbey (mother-house); Bisham Priory (mother-house)
Lordship at foundation: Ceredigion
Access: Site occupied by the present Parish Church and Cardigan District and Memorial Hospital
Owned by: Representative Body of the Church in Wales

Main events in the history of this site

c.1115Foundation - Gilbert fitz Richard, earl of Clare (d. 1115), granted the church of the Holy Trinity at Cardigan to the monks of St Peter's, Gloucester, c. 1110 x 1115. [1 source]
c.1165Change of affiliation - By this time ownership of Cardigan had passed from Gloucester to Chertsey Abbey, Surrey. [1 source]
c.1291Wealth - At this time Cardigan held 240 acres of arable. [2 sources]
1322Custody - By the fourteenth century Cardigan was impoverished, a consequence of warfare, ‘scarcity and other such matters', and was accordingly taken into royal custody. [1 source]
1534Act of Supremacy - Prior Thomas Hore acknowledged royal supremacy. [3 sources]
c.1535Wealth - According to the Valor Ecclesiasticus the priory’s gross income was £32. [2 sources][1 archive]
1537 (December)Affiliation - Cardigan Priory was granted to Bisham Priory, Berkshire, a former Augustinian house which had just been re-founded as a Benedictine monastery.  [2 sources]
pre 1538Pilgrim centre - On the eve of the Dissolution Cardigan Priory was a popular pilgrimage centre.  [2 sources][1 archive]
1538Dissolution - Cardigan was dissolved with its mother-house (Bisham) on 26 June 1538.
At this time there were two monks. [3 sources]
1540 (February) Ownership - Following its suppression Cardigan was granted to William Cavendish and his wife, Margaret, for £769 8s 4d and duly converted into a mansion. [1 source]
1922Conversion - The former priory opened as Cardigan District and Memorial Hospital.  
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People associated with this site

Gilbert fitz Richard; Gilbert de Clare; Gilbert of Tonbridge; Gilbert fitz Richard , Earl of Clare (founder)

Priors of Cardigan

Rhys ap Gruffudd , prince of Deheubarth (supporter)

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Priory Church of St Mary, Cardigan

Shrine chapel, priory church of St Mary, Cardigan

Priory Church of St Mary, Cardigan

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