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Strata Marcella (Abbey)

also known as: Ystrad Marchell

Order: Cistercian

Strata Marcella was founded by Owain Cyfeiliog, prince of S. Powys. show details of standing remains

Dedicated to: Virgin Mary Medieval Diocese: St Asaph
Affiliated to: Whitland (mother-house); Buildwas (mother-house); Valle Crucis (daughter-house); Llanllugan (daughter-house); Llansanffraid (daughter-house)
Lordship at foundation: Gwenwynwyn
Access: Farmland

Main events in the history of this site

1170Foundation - The community originally settled on lands on the west bank of the River Severn but relocated to the present site several years later.  [2 sources]
1170x1190Founds daughter-house - Strata Marcella founded Llanllugan nunnery; at least the nunnery was under the auspices of the Cistercian abbey.  [1 source]
1197Burial - Owain Cyfeiliog, prince of S. Powys and founder of the abbey, died and was buried at the house. [2 sources]
c.1201Founds daughter-house - Strata Marcella founded Valle Crucis in Denbighshire as a daughter-house. [1 archive]
1282-1283Destruction - The abbey sustained extensive damages during the Edwardian wars. [1 source]
1284Compensation - The community was granted £43 compensation for damages caused during the Edwardian wars.  [1 source]
1328-1330Welsh community replaced - English monks from Buildwas replaced the native Welsh community. [3 sources]
1369Bequest - Lewis Charlton, bishop of Hereford, bequeathed 20 marks to the abbey to help finance the fabric of the church. [1 source]
1420Confirmation - Edward Charlton confirmed the abbey's rights and holdings and added new privileges. [1 source][1 archive]
1440Burial - Llywelyn ab y Moel was seemingly buried at Strata Florida. [1 source]
1530Decline - By the 1530s Strata Marcella was in a ruinous state and had accumulated considerable debt.  [1 source]
c.1535Wealth - At this time the abbey was recorded as having an income of £64. [2 sources]
1536Dissolution - Prior to it dissolution in spring 1536 Strata Marcella was in a ruinous state.  [2 sources]
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People associated with this site

Abbots of Strata Marcella

Dafydd ab Owain , Cistercian abbot and bishop of St Asaph (abbot)

Enoch , founding abbot of Strata Marcella (abbot)

Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn , lord of Upper Powys (patron)

Owain Brogyntyn (Oenus de Porchinton) (benefactor)

Owain Cyfeiliog; Owain ap Gruffudd , ruler of S. Powys (founder)

Tudur Aled , Welsh poet

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Archival sources

National Library of Wales, 'Confirmation by Edward de Cherleton of grants made to Strata Marcella by his predecessors', (Document), (View website)

The National Archives, 'Petition by the abbot and convent of Strata Marcella to the king and council, 1333', (Document), (View website)

National Library of Wales, 'Strata Marcella Charters', (Collection), (View website)

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Capital from Strata Marcella

Capital from Strata Marcella, Church of All Saints, Buttington

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