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Talley (Abbey)

also known as: Talyllychau; Tallesch; Tallach; Tallagh

Order: Premonstratensian

Talley was founded by Rhys ap Gruffudd (the lord Rhys) as a dependency of Amiens, St Jean. It was the only house of Premonstratensian Canons in Wales.
Talley was supported by the Welsh and patronised by the princes of Deheubarth. As a consequence the abbey was targeted by Edward I in the late thirteenth century. show details of standing remains

Dedicated to: Virgin Mary; St John the Baptist Medieval Diocese: St David's
Affiliated to: Amiens, St Jean, France (mother-house); Welbeck (mother-house)
Lordship at foundation: Deheubarth
Access: Public
Owned by: Cadw

Main events in the history of this site

c.1185Foundation - Talley was founded between 1184 and 1189 by the Lord Rhys of Deheubarth. [2 sources]
1193x1202Problems - Talley faced problems from neighbouring religious. [1 source]
1215Abbatial promotion - Abbot Iorwerth (Gervase) was elevated to the See of St David's. [1 source]
c.1222Confirmation - Bishop Iorwerth of St David’s (1215-29), former abbot of Talley, confirmed the appropriation of the churches of Llandeilo Fawr and Llanegwad by Talley. [1 source]
1271Burial - Rhys Fychan ap Rhys Mechyll, prince of South Wales, was taken to Talley for burial. [1 source]
c.1277Destruction - The abbey was targeted by Edward I. [1 source]
1278Custody - Talley was taken into royal custody on account of its poverty. [1 source]
1285Paternity - Talley was made subject to Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire, which was given visitorial rights. [2 sources]
1291Visitation - The abbot of Premontre asked Edward I to assist the abbots of Halesowen and Newhouse with their visitation of Ruthin. [1 source]
1291Patronage - At this time the abbey was under the patronage of Rhys ap Maredudd (d. 1292), Welsh rebel and descendent of the Lord Rhys.  
c.1300Joins English middle circary - Talley became part of the English circary of the Premonstratensian order. [1 source]
1377Clerical poll tax - Payments were required from each member of the community. [1 source][1 archive]
1379Clerical poll tax - Payments were required from the community. [1 source][1 archive]
c.1380Custody - Abbot Rhys of Talley requested that the house be taken into royal custody. [1 source]
1410Destruction - The abbey suffered from the fighting of the early fifteenth century. By 1410 it had been ‘despoiled, burned and almost destroyed’ by the English and Welsh armies. [1 source]
1410Papal indult - A papal indult was granted to the canons of Talley stating that they need not travel more than eighty miles to meet representatives of the Premonstratensian order. [1 source]
c.1414Paternity - Paternity of Talley passed from Welbeck to Halesowen. [1 source]
1430 (30 May)Royal protection - Abbot Dafydd requested that Talley be taken into royal custody for the third time. [1 source]
1497 (31 August )Visitation - A visitation report of Talley in 1497 survives in the registers of Richard Redman, a notable English Premonstratensian.  [2 sources]
c.1535Wealth - The Valor Ecclesiasticus surveyed Talley's net income at £136. [2 sources][1 archive]
1536Dissolution -  [3 sources]
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People associated with this site

Abbots of Talley

Iorwerth (Gervase), abbot of Talley and bishop of St David's (abbot)

Rhys ap Gruffudd , prince of Deheubarth (founder)

Rhys ap Maredudd (patron)

Bibliographical sources

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Archival sources

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Images of this site

Groundplan of Talley Abbey, Cadw, Welsh Government (Crown Copyright)

Poll tax return for Talley, 1377

Poll tax return for Talley, 1379

Remains of the crossing tower at Talley Abbey

Remains of the crossing tower, Talley Abbey

Talley Abbey

Talley Abbey, close up of the arch of the crossing tower

Talley Abbey, remains of the tower

Talley Abbey, view eastwards showing the length of the church.

The crossing tower at Talley Abbey

Talley Abbey, remains of the tower

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