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Priors of Abergavenny

A list of the known priors of Abergavenny

William: occurs as prior 1154 x 57.

Durand: occurs as prior in Henry II's reign (1154-89).

Henry: consecrated by the bishop of Llandaff in December 1193.

Richard: occurs as prior in 1291.

Giles de Lummier (Limenei): 1291-3.
A monk of St Vincent le Mans, he was installed as prior of Abergavenny by the archbishop of Canterbury in February 1292 and resigned in June 1293 on account of infirmity.

William de Lonboul: 1293-?
A monk of St Vincent le Mans, he was admitted to office in August 1293.

Fulk Gastard: ? - 1320.
Fulk was removed from office in September 1320 after Bishop Orleton of Hereford received instruction from the pope to investigate the state of the priory.

Richard of Bromwich: 1320 -
A monk of Worcester, he was appointed to office by the bishop of Worcester upon the removal of Fulk Gastard. Richard returned to Worcester in 1325 when the prior of Worcester appealed for his return as their lecturer.

John le Peleter: occurs as prior in February 1344.

William Pelliparius: occurs as prior in June 1348, March 1351 and before 1354.

John Hegan: occurs as prior in March 1354 and 1355.
John had certainly left office by October 1369 when John de la Ferte, monk of Abergavenny, went to St Vincent Le Mans for the election of a new prior following the death of the previous (unnamed) prior.

William Petrowe (Peydrow, Peytrau): until pre 1417.
William occurs from October 1371 until July 1387 but it seems that at some point he lost custody of the house. Brother John Eweas was granted custody of the house in 1381 but in 1400 the priory was restored to William.

Robert Eton: 1417-?
A monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, Robert was presented to office by the king in 1417; he occurs as prior in 1428. Read more

Richard: no date is associated with him

John: occurs in 1468.

William Wynchester: occurs as prior in March 1483 and August 1516.

John Lychefeld: occurs as prior in May 1522 and September 1528.

William Motlowe (Mollowe): 1530 - ?
In February 1530 the abbot of Gloucester gave his permission for William, a monk of the house, to be prior of Abergavenny; he occurs as prior in January 1531.

William Marley (Merley, Merleye): pre 1536.
William acknowledged Royal Supremacy in 1534 and was prior when the monastery was dissolved in September 1536; he was granted a pension in June 1536.

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Abergavenny Priory, Monmouthshire

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