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Priors of Cardiff

A list of the known priors of Cardiff

Robert of Westbury: occurs as prior 1148x83.

Eustace: occurs as prior 1193x1218.

Elias of Radnor: ? - pre December 1230.
Elias had left office by 1 December 1230 when he was consecrated bishop of Llandaff.

[Roger de Boyfeld:] see below.

Richard of Derby: occurs as prior in 1243.
Richard had definitely left office by 1248; but he may (see below) have been preceded by Roger de Boyfeld.

Alan of Cornwall (Cornubie): 1248-?
Alan succeeded Richard in 1248 and presided until his death.

Philip de Leche (Lecche): ?-pre December 1261.
Philip succeeded to office on Richard's death. He was dead by 15 December 1261 but was not seemingly prior at this time.

Roger de Boyfeld: ?-pre 1258.
A monk of Tewkesbury Roger was in 1258 described as former prior of Cardiff; Roger may have preceded Richard of Derby in office.

William of Deerhurst (Derherst): appointed to office in June 1262.

Simon: late 13th c?
In 1295 Simon was described as former prior of Cardiff. He seemingly held office in the late thirteenth century for he was prior in the time of Abbot Nicholas of Keynsham (who occurs as abbot from 1294 until 1349) and Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

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Cardiff Priory, Cardiff

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