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Priors of Cardigan

A list of the known priors of Cardigan Priory

? Osbert:
Occurs as prior of one of Gloucester's Welsh dependencies 1139x48; this may have been Cardigan but could have been Gloucester's cell at Ewenny.

Robert of Henley (Enley)

John: occurs as prior in August 1294.

John de Whitele: occurs as prior in July 1349.

Thomas Cymy (Chymy) of Wales (de Wallia)
A monk of Battle, Thomas was provided to office in September 1368 although this was invalid as the priory was not vacant at the time.

John Bernat: ?-pre August 1415.
John had resigned from office by 21 August 1415.

William Bibery: August 1515-?
A monk of Chertsey, William was instituted as prior on 21 August 1415.

John Barnet: occurs as prior 1443x42.
Perhaps to be identified with John Bernat (see above).

John Mey: occurs as prior in 1461.
John had left office by 1465 when he was presiding as abbot of Chertsey.

John Rede: presented to the priory by the abbot and convent of Chertsey on 4 August 1492.
John was described as a bachelor of Theology.

John Frodsham (Froddesham, Frodesham): occurs as prior in 1498 and in September 1512 but had left office by 1538 when he was described as the former prior.

Thomas (or John ) Hore
Thomas acknowledged Royal Supremacy in 1534 and he occurs as prior in 1535. According to a letter to Cromwell from the bishop of St David's, March 1538, Thomas had at that time been prior for five years. However there is some confusion regarding his name for in a letter drafted in June 1538 making provision for taking Cardigan into royal hands and expelling the prior he is named as John Hore; the commission to survey the priory also mentions John Hore and may have confused John Frodsham (above) with Thomas Hore.

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Cardigan Priory, Ceredigion

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