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Abbots of St Dogmaels

List of known abbots of St Dogmaels

Fulchard: first abbot, i.e. from 1120.
Abbot William of Tiron travelled to attend Fulchard's ordination; also in attendance was Bishop Bernard of St David's.

Richard: occurs as abbot 1161 x 84.

Walter: occurs as abbot in 1198, 1202 and 1203 (when his election to the See of St David's was quashed). It was Walter's pretensions to the bishopric that invited hostility and severe criticism from his rival, the archdeacon, Gerald of Wales. Read more

Andrew?: occurs as abbot in the early thirteenth century.

'J.': occurs as abbot in May 1292.
He may be the John listed below.

John: occurs as abbot in December 1302.

John le Rede: occurs as abbot pre 1330 and was dead by March 1330.

David: occurs as abbot in February 1354.

John: occurs as abbot in June 1364 when he paid homage at Newport. Also occurs in August 1376.

Philip Fadir: occurs as abbot in October 1399, January 1402, 1403, 1404, 1406, 1408, 1415.

John ap Rhys: occurs as abbot in 1436.

John: occurs as abbot in 1451, 1453, 1455, 1457, and June 1463.

Philip: occurs July 1469.

Hugh ap Owen: pre 1487 since he was dead by April 1487.

Lewis David: monk of St Dogmaels whose election was confirmed in April 1487; he occurs also in August 1487.

Lewis Baron: occurs as abbot in July 1504. He is likely to be the Abbot Lewis who occurs in 1506, 1507, 1508, and 1509.

Nicholas: occurs as abbot in 1511.

William Here (Hyer): pre 1537. He occurs as William in 1528 and 1529. As William Here (Hyer) he acknowledged the Royal Supremacy in July 1534; there are references to him as abbot in September that year and June 1535. View details

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St Dogmaels Abbey, Pembrokeshire

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