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Dafydd ap Llywelyn , prince of Gwynedd

Born: c. 1215   Died: 1246 (25 Feb)   

The son of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (d. 1240), he married William (V) de Briouze's daughter, Isabella, c. 1232, and thereby acquired the lordship of Builth.

In May 1220 Llywelyn's decision that he should be succeeded by his son, Dafydd, and not Gruffudd, was given royal approval at a meeting at Shrewsbury. In May 1239 Dafydd did homage to Henry III for his succession to Gwynedd, lands which his father, Llywelyn, had held 'de jure' (by right). Dafydd then seized his half-brother, Gruffudd, but was later forced to hand Gruffudd over to Henry III and it seemed that Gwynedd would be divided between the two brothers as tenants-in-chief of the Crown. Henry retained Gruffudd in captivity and made no atempt to divide Gwynedd. Gruffudd died in March 1244 while trying to escape and his death prompted Dafydd and the Welsh to mount resistance to the English Crown; it was an opportunity for Dafydd to attempt to break free from his subjection to the king but ultimately this was futile and Dafydd failed to reclaim the supremacy his father had enjoyed and died without an heir.

Sites associated with this person

Aberconwy 1 Abbey, Conwy (patron; buried at house)

Basingwerk Abbey, Flintshire (patron)

Beddgelert Priory, Gwynedd (benefactor)

Penmon Priory, Anglesey (confirms charters)

Puffin Island Priory, Gwynedd (confirms charter)

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