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Priors of Carmarthen (Augustinian)

List of known priors of Carmarthen

Robert of Carmarthen (Kaermerdin): 1246-1253.

Walter of Haverford: 1253-66.

Thomas: occurs as prior in April 1272.

William of Wycumbe: it is not known when William presided as prior but he was certainly in office 1276x81 when he served as chaplain to Queen Eleanor. In 1281 William was elected to the abbacy at Hartland.

John Edrich (Edrych, Istrigge): 1281-?
A canon of Carmarthen, John's election was presented to the king for royal assent in 1281. He occurs as prior in 1299.

Robert de Daviston: resigned from office in 1324. Robert occurs as prior late 1314 / early 1315. He was described as old and feeble at the time of his resignation.

John Chaundos (Chaundoys): 1324-32.
John was a canon of Carmarthen.

John Wynter: occurs as prior in March 1333 and was seemingly still in office 1355.

William Symunds (Symond, Symonis): appears as prior from 1359 to 1369.

John Jussell: occurs as prior in 1369, and 1371. It is likely that this is the former prior referred to as John Russell in a court case of 1383.

John Fel: Smith, Supplement:. p. 272, occurs at Easter 1383 and January 1384. Smith notes (Supplement:, p. 272), that the reference in 1384 is to John Fel, not John Jussell.

Walter Taymer: appears as prior in 1391 and 1393.

Thomas Brit (Britte): occurs as prior in 1397, 1399, 1409 and 1415.

(In April 1421 Henry V appointed John Russell and the prior of Llanthony Secunda to act as administrators of Carmarthen for two years as the priory had been greatly impoverished owing to the former prior who had officiated for twenty-eight years. In 1424 protection was granted to Carmarthen which had allegedly suffered from the mismanagement of its prior. As Thomas Brit was prior as early as 1397 the alleged mismanagement may refer to his period of office.]

John Mathewe: it is not known when precisely he succeeded (1424?) but John was deprived of office in 1427 by the bishop of St David's.

John Hygy: it is not known when he was appointed but John had died by 1429.

William Jor' (or Jorum): had resigned by 1439.

William Gyldford: had resigned from office by September 1443.

Morgan Wynter: occurs as prior in 1454 and 1455.

Maurice: occurs as prior in November 1469.

Thomas ap Morris (alias Morice): ?-1524
Thomas was a canon of Carmarthen and the son of a secular priest, Maurice Wintyr. Although Thomas was elected prior by the convent he had not secured papal dispensation either for illegitimacy or his age since he was at this time only twenty-one years old. Thomas held office for four or five years and then resigned. The priory was later retsored to him. In June 1476 the pope ordered Thomas's absolution and restoration of the priory. Thomas occurs as prior from January 1488 until 1520 and had vacated the office by April 1524.

Griffin William (or Williams): 1524-37.
Griffin acknowledged the Act of Supremacy in July 1524; a pension was granted to him in March 1537.

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Carmarthen Priory, Carmarthenshire

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