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Priors of Kidwelly

A list of the known priors of Kidwelly.

Abraham: occurs as prior 1231x47.

Gervase: a monk of Sherborne, he was elected prior in 1268 following the death of the previous unnamed prior.

Ralph of Beaminster (Bemenster): he was deposed by Archbishop Pecham in 1284.

Geoffrey of Coker: he occurs as prior in October 1301.

Richard de Coker: occurs as prior of the house in May 1301.

Robert Dunster (Donaster): occurs as prior of Kidwelly in April 1345.

John Flode: occurs as prior in October 1360.

Robert Fyfhede (Vyfhyd / Vyfhyde): occurs as prior in May and August 1387.

Philip Morevyle: ?-1404.
Philip was a monk of Sherborne. In May 1399 his status as prior of Kidwelly was ratified. Philip was dead by 29 April 1404 when John de Kidwelly (below) was admitted to office.

John de Kidwelly / Kedewelly: admitted to office on 29 April 1404; he occurs as prior in June 1406.

John Camill / Cauntville: he occurs as prior of Kidwelly in April 1435, January 1438 and in 1446x7.

John Sherborne: ?-1487
John occurs as prior in 1482; he had resigned by 15 June 1487.

John Henstrige (Henstrege): 1487-?
John was admitted to office in June 1487 and occurs as prior in November 1502.

On 20 April 1524 Kidwelly was sequestered.

John Godmyston (Godmester): occurs as prior in 1534 when he acknowledged Royal Supremacy and in 1535.

John Painter: ?-1539
He was prior at the suppression of the house in March 1539.

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Kidwelly Priory, Carmarthenshire

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