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Priors of Haverfordwest

A list of the known priors of Haverfordwest.

Geoffrey: occurs as prior 1231x1247.

John: occurs as prior August 1272.

Richard de Honyburgh (Houyngburgh): ?-1331.
Richard died on 28 August 1331 and on 8 September licence was given to elect his successor.

John de Honyngburgh: 1331-?
A canon of Haverford, he was instituted as prior by a letter dated 11 December 1331 and was awarded the temporalities of the house in January 1332, his election having been confirmed by H., the bishop of St David's.

Richard: occurs as prior in 1348 and 1349.

Philip Harold: ?-1379.
Philip occurs as prior in July 1363. He died on 30 March 1379 and the following month licence was given to elect a successor.

Thomas Donstowe: 1379-80.
Thomas was a canon of the house and received the temporalities of the priory in August 1379. But his time in office was short-lived and he died the following November.

John Fever or [Feuer (Fewir):] appears as prior of the house in 1381 (View details), October 1399, December 1400 and February 1407.

John Cornok: is mentioned as prior in April 1417.

Philip Weny: occurs as prior of the house in September 1464.

Henry: was described as former prior in a court case of 1507, when he is said to have occurred in the time of Henry VII (1485-1509), to have died, and to have been succeeded by the present prior, Thomas. He was no longer prior in 1504.

Thomas With (Whith, Wythe): appears as prior in September 1504 and on various occasions certainly until January 1511 and seemingly also in January 1520.

William Barlow (Barlow, Barlowe): he had previously officiated as prior of Bromehill, Leighs and Tiptree and first occurs as prior of Haverfordwest in 1534, when he acknowledged Royal Supremacy (View details). He was prior when the house was surveyed for the Valor Ecclesiasticus in 1535 (View details) but was prior of Bisham from 1535-6 and bishop of St Asaph by 1536. His time in office was short-lived for in 1536 William was elevated to the see of St David's which he held until 1548 when he was moved first to the see of Bath and Wells and then to the bishopric of Chichester.

John Bathowe (Batho, Bathoo): ?-1537.
John was the last prior of Haverfordwest and presided until its suppression on 19 February 1537.

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Haverfordwest Priory, Pembrokeshire

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