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Edward I , king of England , lord of Ireland, duke of Aquitaine

Born: 1239   Died: 1307   

Edward I succeeded to the throne in 1272 and reigned until his death in 1307. He reconstructed royal government and effected significant legislative changes. Edward's reign saw the evolution of parliament and the destruction of the independence of the princes of Gwynedd in Wales. In his later years he was faced with war against France and resistance from the Scots.

Sites associated with this person

Aberconwy 1 Abbey, Conwy (stays; relocates house)

Basingwerk Abbey, Flintshire (benefactor)

Cymer Abbey, Gwynedd (Compensates)

Llanll?r Abbey, Ceredigion (compensates)

Maenan Abbey, Conwy (gives site to Aberconwy)

Neath Abbey, Neath Port Talbot (visitor)

Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire (stays)

Whitland Abbey, Carmarthenshire (visits)

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Archival sources

British Library , 'Edward I creating his son Prince of Wales', (Document), (View website)