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Edward II , king of England
(Edward of Caernarfon)

Born: 25 April 1284   Died: 21 September 1327   Active: 1307-1327   

Edward inherited a difficult situation, particularly the great debt and problems with the war with Scotland, as well as the mistrust of the nobility. But his own handling of events contributed to the failure of his reign and his ultimate deposition.

Edward was the son of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, and he was married to Isabella of France. His personal affairs and policies bred hostility amongst his barons and also his wife. He was forced to accept a baronial council, and he faced civil war and the threat of invasion by Isabella and her lover, Roger Mortimer. His reign saw the reunification of Scotland under Robert the Bruce, following the Scots' victory at Bannockburn in 1314. Edward was ultimately captured, deposed and succeeded by his son, with the queen as regent. It was alleged that Edward had died in prison but he may well have been murdered.

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Margam Abbey, Neath Port Talbot (fugitive)

Neath Abbey, Neath Port Talbot (fugitive)

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