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Henry I , king of England, lord of Normandy

Born: c. 1068   Died: 1135   Active: 1100-1135   

Henry succeeded his brother, William Rufus, in 1100 and ruled until his death on 1 December 1135. Henry left no male heir (his son, William, had died in 1120). This caused a succession crisis and for nineteen years the country was in a state of civil war as Henry's daughter, the Empress Matilda, challenged his nephew, Stephen, for the throne.

In 1114 and 1121 Henry led military expeditions into Wales. To secure his authority he settled a colony of Flemings in Pembrokeshire and entrusted loyal Anglo-Norman magnates with strategic holdings in Wales. Thus, Gilbert fitz Richard de Clare was given power in Ceredigion; Robert, earl of Gloucester, was secured in Glamorgan and Gwynll?g; Brian fitz Count was established in Abergavenny and Henry, earl of Warwick, in Gower.

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Carmarthen Priory, Carmarthenshire (founder)

Llanthony Prima Priory, Monmouthshire (patron)

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Hollister, C. Warren, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online - Henry I (View website) (Subscription reqd.)