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The Sisters' House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence

Nicholson, H.

Archaeologia Cambrensis, 151 , 2005 pp.109-138

( 2005)

Nicholson discusses the Sisters' House, a collection of ruined buildings on the south bank of the Eastern Cleddau, Pembrokeshire, opposite the site of the commandery of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem at Slebech. The Sisters' House formed part of the manor of Minwear, which was given to the Order of the Hospital at Slebech in the mid-twelfth century. It is first mentioned in a document of 1546, when it was named as part of the Slebech estates sold after the dissolution of the monasteries in England and Wales. Scholars have differed in their interpretation of the buildings at the Sisters' House, variously describing the main building as a barn or as a pilgrim hospice. Nicholson analyses documentary and archaeological evidence in the light of the latest research into the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem and the Hospitallers, to produce a reasoned interpretation of the site.

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