Monastic Wales.

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Revising the Monastic Grange: Problems at the Edge of the Cistercian World

Bezant, Jemma

Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies, 3 , 2014 pp.51-70

( 2014)

This paper challenges the prevailing Cistercian model of ‘grange’ as an enclosed, self-sufficient farm with an expected suite of architectures. Landscape archaeology has allowed the reconstruction of the late twelfth-century core estate of the Cistercian abbey of Strata Florida in mid Wales. This estate consolidated large parts of a pre-Cistercian geography based on the Welsh commote and this was retained in the granges of Blaenaeron, Penardd, and Mefenydd. A blend of local and Cistercian practice meant that existing tenurial and geographical systems were retained where possible, both for administrative convenience but also to reflect continuity and to reinforce the validity of the new Cistercian landlords.

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