Monastic Wales.

Source details: (Book)

The Heads of Religious Houses in England and Wales, II, 1216-1377

D. M. Smith and V. London (ed.)

CUP (Cambridge 2001)

Sites linked to this source

Abergavenny Priory, Monmouthshire (p. 138)

Bardsey Abbey, Gwynedd (pp. 329-30)

Beddgelert Priory, Gwynedd (pp. 332-333)

Brecon Priory, Powys (pp. 93-4)

Caldey Priory, Pembrokeshire (p. 149)

Cardiff Priory, Cardiff (p. 95)

Cardigan Priory, Ceredigion (p. 95)

Carmarthen Priory, Carmarthenshire (pp. 360-361)

Chepstow Priory, Monmouthshire (p. 151)

Cwmhir Abbey, Powys (p. 258)

Cymer Abbey, Gwynedd (p. 276)

Ewenny Priory, Vale of Glamorgan (pp. 99-100)

Goldcliff Priory, Newport (pp. 162-3)

Grace Dieu Abbey, Monmouthshire (p. 281)

Haverfordwest Priory, Pembrokeshire (p. 388)

Kidwelly Priory, Carmarthenshire (p. 115)

Llangennith Priory, Swansea (p. 175)

Llantarnam Abbey, Torfaen (p. 290)

Llanthony Prima Priory, Monmouthshire (pp. 413-414)

Malpas Priory, Newport (p. 235)

Monmouth Priory, Monmouthshire (p. 182)

Pembroke Priory, Pembrokeshire (p. 187)

Penmon Priory, Anglesey (p. 446)

Pill Priory, Pembrokeshire (p. 187)

Puffin Island Priory, Gwynedd (p. 449)

Ruthin Priory, Denbighshire (p. 535)

St Clears Priory, Carmarthenshire (pp. 249-50)

St Dogmaels Abbey, Pembrokeshire (pp. 188-9)

Usk Priory, Monmouthshire (p. 616 )

People linked to this source

Abbesses of Llanllŷr (p. 582)

Abbots of Bardsey (pp. 329-30)

Abbots of Basingwerk (pp. 259-60)

Abbots of Conwy (pp. 274-5)

Abbots of Cwmhir (p. 258)

Abbots of Cymer (p. 276)

Abbots of Grace Dieu (pp. 283-4)

Abbots of Llantarnam (p. 290)

Abbots of Margam (p. 292)

Abbots of Neath (p. 295)

Abbots of St Dogmaels (pp. 188-9)

Abbots of Strata Florida (pp. 312-313)

Abbots of Strata Marcella (p. 313)

Abbots of Talley (p. 511)

Abbots of Tintern (pp. 316-317)

Abbots of Valle Crucis (p. 318)

Abbots of Whitland (p. 323)

Prioresses of Llanllŷr (p. 582.)

Prioresses of Usk (p. 616)

Priors of Pill (p. 187)

Priors of Abergavenny (p. 138)

Priors of Beddgelert (pp. 332-3)

Priors of Brecon (pp. 93-4)

Priors of Caldey (p. 149)

Priors of Cardiff (p. 95)

Priors of Cardigan (p. 95)

Priors of Carmarthen (Augustinian) (pp. 360-1)

Priors of Chepstow (p. 151)

Priors of Ewenny (pp. 99-100)

Priors of Goldcliff (162-3)

Priors of Haverfordwest (p. 388)

Priors of Kidwelly (p. 115)

Priors of Llangennith (p. 175)

Priors of Llangua (p. 175)

Priors of Llanthony Prima (pp. 413-14)

Priors of Malpas (p. 235)

Priors of Monmouth (p. 182)

Priors of Pembroke (p. 187)

Priors of Penmon (pp. 446-7)

Priors of Puffin Island (p. 449)

Priors of St Clears (pp. 249-50)