Monastic Wales.

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Feminine Sanctity and Spirituality in Medieval Wales

Cartwright, Jane

University of Wales Press (Cardiff 2008)

Drawing on a wide range of sources from saints Lives and native poetry to holy wells and visual evidence, Cartwright explores the meanings, manifestations and related iconography of feminine sanctity in its Welsh context. There were only three long-standing religious houses for nuns in Wales in the Middle Ages. Cartwright examines the extant documentary and literary evidence for these establishments and considers possible reasons for their scarcity.

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, (chapter 6)

Llanll?r Abbey, Ceredigion

Llanllugan Abbey, Powys

Usk Priory, Monmouthshire

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Dafydd ab Owain , Cistercian abbot and bishop of St Asaph (p. 274)

Enoch , founding abbot of Strata Marcella (pp. 263-266)