Monastic Wales.

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Monastic history in clerical taxation records

Jurkowski, Maureen

Monastic Research Bulletin, 15 , 2009 pp.2-16

( 2009)

The E 179 project is an ongoing cataloguing project based at The National Archives (TNA) under the aegis of the History Department of the University of York. It is making available new and rich sources for the history of the English and Welsh monasteries.
Its aim has been to re-catalogue the 36,000+ documents in the record series Exchequer, King’s Remembrancer, Lay and Clerical Subsidies, c.1190-c.1690, E 179 in an online database.
Of foremost importance for monastic historians are the assessments of English and Welsh monastic wealth in the E 179 documents: they contain valuable evidence of the income and finances of the monasteries.

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